Is MySpace Advertising right for you?

April 25, 2009 at 3:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Is MySpace Advertising right for you?


By Shauna Hart


In this tough economy, it is very important that we, as authors, check out every available means of getting our work in front of readers.  Which is why I was so curious about MySpace advertising. 


I started a MySpace page a little over a year ago, and through diligent marketing my friend list has grown to over 1,500.  I have used the medium to send out banner ads in HTML enabled comments to my friends.  I have also started serial blogs with old books that I am not currently looking to publish to develop a following and keep in touch with readers. 


So, you can imagine how curious I was when I saw the MySpace Advertising link at the bottom of the page.  In reading about the program, I was sold. 


On many sites that I have advertised on, I pay a monthly amount to have my book cover posted.  I never get individual statistics on how many people have clicked on my ad.  Which is what made MySpace so much more tempting. 

MySpace does not charge a monthly amount for your ad to be viewed.  They only charge your account when someone clicks on your ad.  In addition, you decide what the charge will be for each click.  To give you an idea of the cost per click, I believe that I set mine at around 37¢ per click.   Then, it is up to you to choose a lifetime budget amount.  You can set this budget as low as $25.00.   Once you have chosen your budget, you will also need to decide on the dates you want your campaign to run.  The content that you use for your ad can be something as simple as a banner ad that links to your book site.


Now, it is time to choose who you would like to target to see your ad.  MySpace is pretty good about giving you a lot of options.  You can select the age range, sex, location and interests of your target market.  Once you have selected the ad parameters, it is time to submit your ad for approval.  After MySpace approves the ad, it will begin to run.  When your budget or time frame is met, your campaign will stop. 


I have been testing this advertising for the past few months with a banner ad I had created.   So far, over 1.2 million people have seen my ad, and over 1,300 people have clicked on it.  They may not all turn into sales, but this is a type of advertising that allows you to see the statistics every day.  During the campaign, I was on my publisher’s bestseller list.  I believe that the advertising that I did on MySpace also helped me sell my next two books.  The first I submitted to my publisher at the beginning of my campaign, and it was accepted in three weeks.  The second was submitted during my campaign, and it was accepted for publication within a week. 


Each click may not turn into dollars; however, it can spotlight you as a major seller to your publisher easing the way for future book deals.  All in all, I would say that my foray into MySpace advertising was a huge success.

One of the best features of using MySpace advertising is that I could monitor the progress on a day-to-day basis.  Each night, I was able to come home, log in and check the statistics for the day.


In these tough times, it is very important to utilize marketing opportunities that are quantifiable.  With money so tight right now, it is important that we make sure that our advertising dollars are paying off.  That is what makes MySpace advertising such a great option.  You set the time.  You set the price.  And you decide on a budget that works for you.  MySpace advertising is an option that puts you in charge.


Shauna Hart is an erotic romance writer for the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid line.  Her first book, The Pleasure of Sin, came out in December 2008.  Her next book, Den of Desire, is slated to release in July, 2009.   And her book, The One Nighter, is scheduled to come out in October, 2009.  You can visit her at  Or check out her MySpace page at


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