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March 21, 2009 at 1:05 am (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you have all enjoyed Lake of Lies.  I have one last treat for you.  It’s the epilogue of the book and it will give you some final moments with Samantha and Nick.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  I am starting edits on the sequel to The Pleasure of Sin.  If you haven’t checked it out, make sure to visit  It just made #9 on the Bestsellers list.



One year later, Christmas Eve


Samantha watched as Nick, Derek and Christina happily hung ornaments on the Christmas tree.  Nick hoisted Brandon on his hip as he reached up to place a large gold star on the top.  Brandon‘s bluish green eyes lit up with excitement as the lights on the tree blinked out a Christmas carol.  Nick looked over his shoulder, his boyish grin warming her heart.  Tears of happiness crept into her eyes.  Every day she found a new reason to fall in love with him all over again.  She glanced around the room.  If someone had told her two years ago that she would be sitting amongst her new family, she would’ve told them that they were crazy.  Yet, here she sat, happier than she had been in a long time. 

Derek joked that the tree had so many ornaments it might fall over, which earned him an elbow in the side from Christina.  Samantha couldn’t help but wonder if the two of them would ever come to their senses, and stop fighting their feelings for each other.  She guessed that she didn’t really have any room to talk in that arena.  She had taken her fair share of time doing exactly that.  Still, from the look in Derek’s eyes when he looked at Christina, he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. 

“Cookie?” Margaret asked gleefully, as she held up a tray full of red and green Christmas cookies. 

“No more for me, thank you.  I’m still trying to lose the rest of the weight from Brandon,” she admitted ruefully. 

Margaret huffed.  “Oh, please honey, if you get any skinnier you’ll blow over.  Take one more,” she admonished, handing Samantha a green butter cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree. 

She chuckled, throwing up her hands in surrender.  The cookie seemed to melt in her mouth.  Everyone seemed to agree that Margaret had never seemed happier than she was right now with her family growing.  She watched as the other woman walked over to Nick to take Brandon out of his arms, despite his protests.  She carried him over to the wooden rocking chair.  Brandon snuggled against her, as she rocked him to sleep singing a Christmas carol that meant for his ears only. 

Nick walked across the room to take a seat beside Samantha.  “Our child has been kidnapped, again,” he explained softly, his lips twitching in amusement. 

“I see that,” she observed, handing the remains of her cookie to him. 

He popped the rest of the cookie into his mouth, and ate it in one bite.  “Dad can’t seem to get enough of the excitement,” he joked, motioning to where his father was snoring peacefully.  Thomas, who had fallen asleep early on in the festivities, was slouched in a chair, a blanket thrown haphazardly across him.  Even all the laughter wasn’t enough to wake him. 

“I’m going to put this little angel to bed,” Margaret announced, carrying Brandon toward the stairs. 

“We’ll be up in a minute to kiss him goodnight,” Nick said, putting a restraining hand on Samantha’s arm to stop her from following his mother. 

“What is it?” she asked in curiosity. 

He waited until Derek and Christina went into the kitchen, before turning to her with a mischievous smile.  He slowly pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket.  “I wanted to give this to you tonight, while we were alone,” he explained, placing the box into her hands. 

Her eyes narrowed, her lips curving into a smile.  She lifted the lid with shaking hands.  A gold necklace with a heart in the center lay inside.  The heart in the center was the most unusual color of blue she had ever seen.  Her gaze met Nick’s in awe, her throat constricting with emotion.  “It’s a blue diamond,” he explained, taking the necklace out and securing it around her neck.  “The color reminded me of your eyes, and the heart is because you’ve always had mine.  Merry Christmas.” 

Tears formed in the corner of her eyes, as she threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly.  No matter what happened in their lifetimes, she knew she would never forget this moment.  “I love you,” she whispered huskily. 

He pulled back to look deeply into her eyes.  “No, I love you.  Thank you for making my life worthwhile.” 

She pressed her lips against his, wondering how she could ever be this lucky.  She guessed the old saying really was true. 

Sometimes, dreams really do come true.  

Have a great weekend,



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