I’ve been a bad, bad girl…

February 23, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been bad lately.  I know that I have missed a couple of posts.  Unfortunately, I have been in the process of fixing up a new house and moving.  Thankfully, I am in the new house now (amid way too many boxes).  The good news is that things should start returning to normal now.  If you were a fan of my blog book, The One Nighter, you will be glad to hear that I have recently signed a contract with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid for them to print the book 🙂

Also, if you haven’t checked out The Pleasure of Sin, go to http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=364.

Excerpt 23

Samantha stared at her reflection in the mirror, knowing that she couldn’t hide out in the bathroom forever.  Suddenly, she got an idea.  If Nick wanted to consummate their marriage, she certainly didn’t have to make it easy for him.  She quickly washed all traces of makeup off her face.  Then, she changed into her old red flannel pajamas, which almost covered her from head to toe.  She topped her brave ensemble off by pulling on bright green thermal socks.  As if that wasn’t enough to deter him, she pulled her hair into a lopsided pony tail.  She even left some of her moisturizer dabbed around her face, as if she didn’t forgot to rub it in all the way.

Satisfied, she leaned back to admire her handiwork.  With white splotches all over her face and this outfit, he was sure to opt for sleep over making love to her tonight.  She barely stifled a chuckle at the sight she made.  If he wanted her that bad, she thought immensely pleased with herself, he could have her. 

Once she had composed herself enough to wipe the smile off of her face, she walked outside without looking at him.  She yawned audibly, as she climbed sleepily into bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. 

Nick, who had been standing by the window, turned to look at her.  One corner of his mouth tugged up in a half smile at her attempt to dissuade him.  He had to give her credit for trying.  Well, two could play at that game.  Slowly, he began to disrobe.  He kicked his shoes off, keeping his eyes locked firmly on hers.  He tossed his jacket on the chair. 

Samantha’s gaze followed his every move, as the items of clothing covering his body became more and more sparse.  Her mouth went dry as he began unbuttoning his shirt revealing inch by precious inch of his tanned chest.  When he took off his belt, her breathing seemed to stop.  Then, he slowly slid his pants down one leg at a time.  Finally, when he was standing before her in nothing more than his boxer shorts, he stared deeply into her eyes. 

A soft smile graced his full lips, and his thumbs hovered in the elastic waistband of his shorts tauntingly.  When her eyes grew wide in expectation, he slid the shorts down over his hips and let them fall to the floor.  He stood before her splendidly nude, and she couldn’t have torn her gaze away if she tried.  Samantha couldn’t help her tongue from snaking out to wet her parched lips.  His eyes were immediately drawn to the movement and she could tell by the look on his face that he knew it was a sign of her surrender. 

The bed dipped under his weight, as he slid into bed next to her.  Every inch of her body seemed to be on fire with awareness.  She could feel the heat of his naked body drawing hers closer.  Her body was beginning to betray her in all the wrong places.  Heat pooled between her legs.  She wanted to succumb to him, she couldn’t deny that.  But she couldn’t, she couldn’t let him seduce her so easily knowing that their life together was a lie.

He leaned over her, poised above her on one elbow.  Her wide eyes made him grin.  He grabbed the corner of the white sheet and began to wipe away the dabs of moisturizer from her face.  Samantha remained absolutely still throughout his laboring, her eyes regarding him warily.  Then, his hand slipped lower to smooth over her stomach.  The imprint of his hand seemed to burn through her pajama top. 

Her eyes met his.  The look on his face left no question of what he wanted, what he was sure to have.  She wanted it too.  She couldn’t lie to herself about that when her sex was throbbing for him even now.  She was a fool.  Even when she hated him, she still wanted him.  Hopeless…

His gaze focused on her mouth, which fell open in response to his unspoken request.  His head began to descend toward hers, and she felt her eyelids flutter closed.  He brushed his lips over hers gently.  Before she could stop herself, her tongue slipped into his mouth, hungry for the taste of him.  He rewarded her by opening his mouth wider.  His tongue came out to twist around hers, causing a low moan to escape her mouth. 

This was going to happen.  He knew it, and so did she.  Fighting it was pointless.  She had just sealed her life with his, regardless of the information she had gleaned post-wedding.  Her body ached to be filled, filled by him.  More than that, she wanted him to touch her…everywhere.  She grabbed his hand, moving it under her pajama top to touch her bare skin.  This time it was Nick who released a husky groan.  His hand slid higher until it covered her breast.  She broke the kiss to release a gasp of pleasure.        His head moved lower until his reached where his hand.  When his mouth closed over her nipple, she squirmed against him.  His tongue circled the straining bud slowly before nipping it slightly with his teeth.  She gasped, thinking that she would soon go mad if he didn’t fill her.  When her pajama top got in the way, she hastily pulled it over her head and flung it across the room.  Still, there was one part of her that he had yet to satisfy.  One part of her that cried out for his touch. 

She moved against him in a motion that left little doubt of her silent request, but he stayed where he was treating her to the sweetest kind of torture.  She writhed on the bed beneath him, silently begging for his attention.  When she realized that he would not capitulate without her instigation, she grabbed his hand pushing it lower until it reached its destination.  His palm covered her through the barrier of her clothes, but it still wasn’t enough.  She quickly pushed her pants down over her hips, pulling her pants and socks off in one swift motion. 

She moved against his hand, mindless of her actions, as his tongue swirled around her nipples infusing them with the wet heat of his mouth.  Still, she wanted more.  Her panties were still in the way of her feeling him against her.  She pulled them down, kicking them the rest of the way, before tossing them across the room to join  the rest of her discarded clothes in a heap on the floor. 

Cold air drifted over her naked body, which lay bare before him.  His hand covered her, one finger slipping inside her moist folds.  Before she knew what he was doing, he slid down her body to replace his hand with his mouth.  His thumb continued to massage the tight bud, while his tongue thrust inside her.  She cried out as her first orgasm took control, thrashing her about like a violent storm.  Her hips moved against his mouth of their own volition, leaving her breathless.  When she was close to reaching her second peak, he changed his position. 

His mouth came up to fuse against hers, as he drove inside of her.  She cried out, as waves of pleasure flooded her body.  Her legs instinctively came up to encircle his waist in an iron grip, pulling him deeper and deeper inside of her.  He leaned back on his arms to allow himself to penetrate her more deeply.  Tingles crept up her spine as he increased the tempo of his body, until he was driving into her with a single-minded goal. 

Finally, when she thought she could take no more, climax shook her body making her cry out his name.  He threw his head back emitting a low groan, as the warmth of his seed spilled into her body. 

He pulled away from her, collapsing on the bed beside her.  The splendid warmth that she had felt only moments before was replaced with cold.  She lay there for a minute staring at the ceiling, unable to believe what had just happened.  After a few minutes, she heard the steady sound of his breathing. 

He was asleep!  Once again, he had broken the resolve of her mind with the vulnerability of her body.  After all the trouble she had gone to making herself less desirable, in the end she had ripped her own clothing off to offer her body to him.  Embarrassment colored her cheeks as she remembered how eager she had been to have his body fill hers.  There had been no need for tender words or soft promises.  In the end, Nick hadn’t needed to use any of them to consummate their marriage she had done the job for him.   She supposed it was better that he hadn’t spoken words of love to her tonight, any way.  He wouldn’t have meant them anyway, and that knowledge only would have hurt worse. 

The next day they barely spoke.  Samantha suggested that they not spend the entire week at the cabin, because she wanted to get settled into his apartment and pick out a new obstetrician.  Her family doctor had given her a list of good doctors in the area of Nick’s apartment.  Nick, not knowing anything about obstetricians or Lamaze classes, had readily agreed.  He, too, seemed happier to get home than to stay the rest of the week. 

Settling into the apartment had been less of a job than he expected.  Before he knew it, he was back at work.  He leaned back in his chair behind his desk, pondering what had occurred between them on their brief honeymoon.  The door flew open.  He sighed heavily, despising being disturbed.  Although, he couldn’t honestly say he was actually getting any work done.  He was too concerned about Samantha.  Since he knew his secretary had been given strict instructions not to disturb him, he knew his visitor could be only one person. 

Pete closed the door behind him, coming to stand in front of his desk.  “I guess that I might be happy for you, if I didn’t want to smash your face in so badly,” Pete barked. 

He continued to stare out the window without seeing.  “What did I do now, Pete?” he asked, his tone belaying his fatigue. 

Pete snorted, falling into the leather chair in front of his desk.  “What did you do? First, you take off for over a month without even telling me or anyone else why.  Then, you get married and you don’t even invite me.  I think that I need to seriously reevaluate the pros and cons of this friendship,” he explained. 

Nick sighed, shaking his head.  He put his hand on his forehead, massaging his temples.  “I’m sorry, Pete, you’re right.  I’ve been acting like an asshole.” 

Pete’s eyes widened.  “That’s it?  That’s all you have to say?” he asked sharply. 

He glanced around the room for a moment, before his gaze returned to Pete.  “You expected flowers?” he replied sarcastically. 

Pete jumped out of his chair.  He leaned across Nick’s desk placing his hands in the center of the papered surface.  “No, you idiot!  I expect answers!  I mean, I know that you got married to Samantha!  I had to get that from the girls in the mailroom, but I would appreciate some news first hand,” he cried out in disgust. 

He threw his hands up in a bewildered gesture.  “You want answers!  Well, okay, you’ll get answers!  A few weeks ago, my brother comes here to tell me that Samantha is pregnant with my baby.  I asked her to marry me, and after countless ‘no’s’ and several attempts to escape she finally consented.  Happy now!  You have your first hand account of what happened!” 

He stalked across the room to stare out the window.  He wasn’t ready to discuss this.  He didn’t have answers himself for the things that had happened between them.  He knew he shouldn’t be yelling at Pete.  Pete had a valid reason for being upset.  The simple truth of the matter was that Nick just hadn’t thought.  So much had happened over the past month that simple courtesy hadn’t stood a chance.  Now, things were even worse.  For the past week since they returned home, she had acted like a ghost.  She drank her milk and took her vitamins, but the spark in her eyes was missing.  The fight that he had always loved had died.  He had personally killed it, and he hated himself for doing it. 

The hell of it was that he didn’t know what to do to fix things.  He had even taken to sleeping in the guest room, because he couldn’t stand the lost look in her eyes.  He had no idea what he could do to change the way she felt about him, but he damned sure wanted to try. 

Pete, seeing the defeated shrug of his friend’s shoulders, relented.  He put a consoling hand on his shoulder.  “Come on,” he said, leading him to a chair. 

Nick gritted his teeth.  He hated appearing weak to Pete, but his life at home had exhausted his cool reserve.  Pete returned placing a glass of scotch in his hand as he took a seat across from him.  “Now, what seems to be the problem between you two?” Pete asked, concern laced in his features. 

Nick emitted a harsh laugh.  “Am I about to be psycho-analyzed by the all-knowing Pete?” 

Pete smiled ruefully at his accurate description.  “Actually, yes, and I have an appointment in forty-five minutes, so hurry it up.” 

He leaned back in his chair, sighing heavily.   “That’s just it, Pete.  I can’t fix the problem,” he admitted. 

Pete leaned forward in his chair.  “Why not?” he inquired. 

He tipped his head back, allowing the strong liquor to slide down his throat.  He stared at the swirling fluid in the glass, as he replied, “Because, I’m the problem.” 

Pete looked at him, his confusion evident.  “What do you mean?” 

He took a deep breath, before he bit out the truth.  “She didn’t want to marry me, and now that she has she regrets it.  In fact, I think her exact words were that ‘she made a huge mistake’.  It’s ironic, isn’t it?  All of my ex-girlfriends are probably applauding around the world.  I finally marry the only woman I’ve ever truly loved, and she can’t stand me.”   

Stay tuned for more of Lake of Lies…


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