Will cold feet kick in?

January 17, 2009 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all having a wonderful week!  I have had a busy week this week with trying to market my new release, The Pleasure of Sin, and starting to write a new book.   My husband and I are also starting an author promotions company called Hall & Hart Promotions, so we have been working overtime.

I hope that you are all enjoying Lake of Lies…


Excerpt 20

Before she could even catch her breath from the tumultuous events that happened between them, it was time for the wedding rehearsal.  The wedding was to be held in a large banquet room in the back of the house.  Nick escorted her into the room, which had already been decorated in preparation for the ceremony tomorrow.  Beautiful yellow ribbons were lined on the rows of chairs.  Candles were placed strategically around the room to create a romantic ambiance.  A small altar had been erected in the front of the room where she and Nick would stand when they took their vows. 

As soon as she saw them, Margaret crossed the room to join them.  She placed a reassuring arm around Samantha as she led her around the room.  “I know that it looks a little sparse right now, dear, but tomorrow it will be beautiful.  I’ve arranged for the room to be filled with the most gorgeous lilies you have ever seen.” 

Nick walked over to talk to the minister, while Margaret continued on about the decorations.  Samantha glanced around the room.  Everyone seemed caught up in the excitement of the coming day.  She and Nick seemed to be the only two that were immune to the festivities.  They were both still too wary of each other and this new delicate truce they had so recently forged. 

Thankfully, the rehearsal was short, and she couldn’t help but be extremely thankful that no one chose to prolong it.  She wondered if they could all sense the tension between the bride and groom.  Tears sprung to her eyes as she looked around the room after the rehearsal.  Despite how much she loved Nick’s family she felt an ache in her heart that her parents could not be with her.  She could just imagine them enjoying all the fuss that was being made.  The car wreck that stole their lives had robbed her of this moment, and moments sure to come.  As a little girl, she had dreamed of the day when she would get married.  Unfortunately, this was not the way she had envisioned it happening. 

She gave herself a mental shake.  Thinking about the things she didn’t have wouldn’t bring them back.  If it would, things would’ve been different long before now.  Still, she couldn’t help but hope that they would be watching her from above. 

That night at dinner everyone celebrated the impending union by making congratulatory toasts.  Nick held her hand tightly, and she knew that he was trying to assure her that she made the right choice in staying.  She smiled as everyone told them how happy they would be together, but deep down she couldn’t help but wonder if they were right.  Or were they making a mistake that would haunt them for the rest of their lives? 

“Well, I guess that we are going to get some sleep,” Nick suggested. 

Margaret’s eyes widened in surprise.  “You can’t sleep together the night before your wedding.” 

Nick offered her a curious smile, one eyebrow quirked up.  “You don’t really believe those old superstitions, do you?” 

Margaret slapped his hand.  “Bite you tongue!  You will not sleep in the same bed the night before your wedding in this house!” she admonished. 

Nick laughed, leaning casually back in his chair.  Mom, I can’t believe you!  Those are just old wives tales!” 

Margaret grinned at him.  “You’ll thank me on your fiftieth wedding anniversary.  I promise,” she assured him.

That night as Nick lay in the guest room bed staring up at the ceiling, he thought about the events that happened.  He had almost lost her.  It was only by dumb luck that he had been able to hold on to her for now.  His body still needed reassurance.  He needed to feel her beneath him.  He needed to be inside her to feel sure that she wouldn’t leave.  He contemplated going to her room.  He wanted to make love to her until the sun came up, but he knew he couldn’t. 

He shifted uneasily on the mattress, knowing that sleep would probably elude him tonight.  He prayed that his mother was right.  He prayed that they would make it to their fiftieth anniversary.  At this point, he would settle for making it to their first.  That night for the first time in a long time, he prayed.  He prayed that some how, some way, they would be able to make this marriage work.  He just hoped the Lord was listening.

The next morning Samantha slept in.  She knew that most brides were up early with the excitement of the day.  But she barely made it up in time to take a shower.  Afterwards, she pulled on a robe stepping out of the bathroom covertly, so she wouldn’t run into Nick.  When she heard a door open at the end of the hallway, she panicked sprinting the distance to her room in lightning speed. 

As she leaned her head back against the door, a giggle escaped her mouth.  This was ridiculous!  Nick was right.  It was just an old wives tale.  As quickly as she had dismissed the notion, she remembered that old wives probably had a lot more knowledge about making a marriage work than she did.  She supposed it would be wise not to tempt fate.  She barely had time to change before Christina and Margaret whisked her away to a quaint cafe for breakfast.  They ate leisurely, each speculating on the coming day.  She couldn’t help but be grateful for their cheerful banter.  It took her mind off everything that had transpired in the last day. 

Then, they were off to the salon to be primped and prodded into perfection.  They joked and giggled as the stylists fixed their hair.  Samantha began to feel the first signs of morning sickness as she sat in the chair.  The stylist twisted her hair before spraying the hairspray.  She breathed in deeply, but only succeeded in sucking in more of the irritating spray.  Finally by the second row of curlers, she could endure no more.  As the stylist turned to pick up a few more curlers, she flew out of her chair barely making it into the bathroom before losing the remains of her breakfast. 

She sat in a huddle on the floor, praying that this torture would end soon.  As if her prayers had been answered, the violent heaving finally stopped allowing her a moment to catch her breath.  After remaining on the floor for a while to make sure that her stomach had stilled, she slowly crawled to her feet to flush the evidence of her humiliation down the toilet.  As she looked into the mirror patting cool water on her face, she sighed deeply.  The sickly pallor in her face was unmistakable. 

Unable to contain herself, she released a small chuckle at the irony of the situation.  It seemed fitting that her child wanted to make its presence known on the day of their wedding.   When she returned to the other room, Margaret and Christina looked at her in concern. 

“Are you alright, dear?” Margaret asked, putting an arm around her waist as she led her back to the chair. 

“I’m fine,” she laughed, a little embarrassed at the fuss they were making over her. 

When they still exchanged worried glances over her head, her eyebrows rose.  “I’m fine, really.  Now, get over there and get in your chairs.  You wouldn’t want me to be late to my own wedding, would you?” 

At her not-so-subtle instigation, they hurried back to their chairs to finish.  Samantha’s stylist offered her a warm smile as she patted her shoulders before continuing her work.  When their hair was finally perfect, the makeup stylist did their makeup one by one.  She insisted that Margaret and Christina go first hoping so that she could take a minute to catch her breath.  When the stylist was applying Christina’s eye shadow, Margaret came to sit beside her. 

She handed her a glass of Sprite and a package of crackers.  “Here, dear, I know how my morning sickness was with the boys.  I’m sure that you must feel the same way I did then, and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted anyone trying to make me look beautiful on those occasions,” she offered sympathetically. 

Samantha smiled as she took a sip from the glass and began to nibble the crackers.  Her stomach seemed to thank her by settling down completely.  Margaret rubbed her back.  Tears sprung to her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.  She missed having a mother so much in moments like these.  But now, with Nick’s help, she finally had one. 

Soon, she would be his wife, and she would have a family again.  He had given that to her, even if he didn’t truly want her.  She would always love him for that.  She wished that things could be like they used to between them before everything went so wrong.  All she could hope for now was that he would come to love her again. 

But what if he didn’t? 

What if he ended up resenting her for stealing the life he wanted for himself? 

 Stay Tuned for more of Lake of Lies…


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