The Time has come for BIG changes!

January 2, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,


I hope that you are all enjoying the holiday!  It is a New Year with New Possibilities.  One thing I love to do at this time is decide what my goals are for 2009.   Decide what you want out of life and plan a road map to get there.  Don’t just say “I want to be published”, “I want a job making $60,000 a year” or “I want to lose 20 pounds.”  For your goals, write down how you will go about getting there.  For instance, write down that you will enter 2 contests for writing, that you will come up with 2 different ways to impress the boss or that you will join a gym by a certain date and visit at least 2 times a week.  These are ways to get yourself to the end result.  And by doing these things, you will reach the level you want to be.  Make a decision that this year will be The Year that you make the changes you have always wanted to make. 


Good Luck!


Now, find out what Samantha will do that will change her life forever…

Excerpt 18

Samantha took a deep breath as she heard the door close.  A single tear slid down her cheek.  She looked up at the ceiling, wishing that she had some fairy godmother to come down and rescue her.  Unfortunately, she had been taught a long time ago when her parents died, that fairy tales didn’t come true.  They certainly didn’t happen to people like her. 

She quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.  There would be enough time for tears later.  Now, she had to concentrate on getting out of here in one piece. After she had cleared out a few more drawers, the bedroom door flew open. 

Nick stood silhouetted in the light from the hallway.  He looked like a towering medieval warrior prepared to begin a battle.  His gaze flew back and forth from the suitcase to her, then they narrowed dangerously.  He slammed the door closing the distance between them in two long strides.

“You’re leaving me?”

She tried desperately to still her shaking hands as she crossed the room to place a folded tshirt in the suitcase.  “Yes, I am,” she said, her voice so low it was almost a whisper.  She gathered her resolve turning to confront his wrath.   “I think it’s for the best, Nick.” 

He took a step toward her causing her to take a step back.  She collided with the wall behind her.  He was so close to her that each time he inhaled his midriff brushed against her middle.  “Is it?” he asked, his voice deceptively soft. 

She could tell by the clenching of his jaw that he was trying to keep a hold on his temper.  She couldn’t help but feel a moment of fear at what might happen if that hold were to somehow slip.  She used the only thing she could think of, the only thing she had…reason. 

“Nick, we both know that this would never work.” 

The way his shoulders stiffened made her all too aware that her gamble had not paid off.  He placed his hands on either side of her head leaning in.  She was effectively caged.  She tried to assure herself that he would never hurt her, but the look in his eyes warned her not to underestimate him. 

He leaned in a little closer so that his face was a breath away from hers.  “Are you that eager to be rid of me, Sam?” he questioned, his voice a husky whisper. 

God, why did he have to stand so close?  It had been so long, and her body was beginning to betray her by responding.  Her eyes fluttered involuntarily shaken by his nearness.  “You know that that’s not it, Nick,” she denied, her voice quivering. 

He leaned in, rubbing his cheek against hers hypnotically as he whispered in her ear.  “Do I?  All I know is that every time I turn my back you end up trying to run away from me again, Sam.  Why is that?  What are you afraid of?” 

Her thoughts were becoming scattered due to his close proximity.  His breath teased her ear making it tingle under the attention he gave it.   The friction of his cheek rubbing seductively against hers was electric.  She couldn’t think straight.  Her nipples tightened under her shirt. 

“Answer me,” he commanded softly. 

She answered the only way she could.  “You…this…I’m afraid of this,” she whispered honestly. 

His tongue snaked out to encircle her earlobe taking it into the warm splendor of his mouth.  A delighted sigh escaped her lips. His tongue plundered the sweet hollow of her ear making her tremble.  His hands clutched her hips, pulling her against him.  He rubbed her lower body against his in a rhythm that was maddening.  She could feel the length of his erection prod at the notch between her thighs and an impatient cry left her lips. 

She knew that she should stop him.  She knew that this was wrong, but she couldn’t control her longing for him.  Her physical reaction was too intense to contain.  He moved his attention to her neck, his tongue swirling delicate circles on the sensitive flesh.  She longed to feel his hands on every part of her body.  She couldn’t get enough of him.  She wanted to feel him everywhere, invading.  She squirmed against him like a wild animal. 

Frantically, her hands came up to clutch at his shoulders pulling him closer.  A low chuckle sounded deep in his throat at her not-so-subtle invitation, but she didn’t care.  Just when she thought she would cry out, his hands came down to still her swaying hips.  They slid around to cup her buttocks pulling them up so that she cradled his burgeoning erection.  Her hands blazed trails in his hair, as she emitted a soft moan of release. 

Suddenly, he swept her off her feet.  Her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around his waist in welcome.  His tongue trailed a fiery path down to the collar of her shirt.  One hand undid the buttons allowing him further access, while the other remained firmly locked around her waist.  All the while, he continued his erotic movements against the aching spot between her legs.  It was an ache that only he could fill and they both knew it. 

Finally, she could take no more.  “Please, Nick,” she begged, unable to stop herself from saying the desperate words. 

Before she knew what was happening, he had spun her around placing her on the bed.  With the room spinning, she focused on the only figure that remained still…Nick.  With him hovering over her, he reminded her of a Greek god.  Flames of passion sparked in his eyes that threatened to rage out of control consuming them both. 

She lay beneath him watching his every movement as he slowly began to remove her clothing piece by piece.  His touch was so light that she barely felt the pressure of his hands.  Hands that she longed to feel covering her naked body.  With each piece of clothing he removed, he stared at her for a long, lingering moment.  When she tried to help him to speed up the process, he stayed her. 

Finally, when she thought she would go mad if he didn’t hurry, he removed the last piece of clothing.  She lay before him completely naked and vulnerable.  The look in his eyes told her that the true torture had only just began.  He kneeled on the floor beside the bed, his face level with her tempting body.  He lightly trailed his fingers from the tips of her toes up the length of her thigh.  He lightly skimmed her inner thigh coming dangerously close to the downy curls between her legs before callously veering over her stomach. 

She whimpered at his blatant disregard for the one spot that cried out for his touch the most. His palm never made contact.  Only the light touch of his fingertips skimmed her body.  Tension began to swirl in her abdomen.  When his fingers reached her breast, his index finger lightly circled the straining bud until it flared into a tightened peak.  Just when she didn’t think her nipples could possibly get any harder, he turned his attention elsewhere.  His fingers journeyed up her neck to the fullness of her lips.  Her lips slowly parted to allow him access, but he turned his attention elsewhere.  His fingers trailed over to the delicate lobe of her ear denying her a taste of her tormenter.  Her body was on fire, and she didn’t think she could take anymore. 

“Nick, please,” she pleaded, writhing on the bed. 

He got up to lie down on the bed beside her.  She folded into his arms easily.  Her mouth opened, ready and demanding, for his much anticipated kiss.  Unfortunately, Nick had other ideas.  He denied her the pleasure of his mouth by allowing his tongue to stroke the length of her neck instead. 

She pulled frantically at his clothing, but he would not let her accomplish her feat.  Unable to control herself, her hands went to his jeans trying desperately to divest him of the barriers that stood between them.  He leaned forward, pulling her hands above her head and pinning them there in his grip.  He wanted her completely vulnerable to his sensually administered pleasures.  “Uh, uh.  Not this time,” he breathed heavily. 

His mouth drifted down to take her nipple inside, swirling his tongue around the straining bud.  “Nick,” she whimpered softly, unable to take any further temptation.  One hand ventured lower to caress her quivering mound.  Her hips moved of their own volition against him willing him to take her.   She moaned as he finally rewarded her by slipping one finger inside her tender folds.  She didn’t know how much longer she could take this. 

He groaned as her sweet nectar slid down his finger.  Unable to bear any more, he slid between her legs.  One hand held her arms firmly above her head, while the other undid the buttons on his jeans sliding them and his boxer shorts down to his knees in one swift motion.  He hesitated looking into her eyes as his manhood began to gently prod its way into her entrance.  She seemed completely lost in the sensual haze he had created.  Her eyes clouded in passion.             She knew what he was doing.  She also knew that he had succeeded in what he began.  He had kept himself so rigidly in control to teach her a lesson.  He was showing her just how much he could control her.  She was his no matter what she said, and he wanted to make sure she knew it.  He was showing her that no matter what she told herself she could deny him nothing, not even the pleasure of her body. He wanted her to remember that he could take her however he wanted, with her naked and vulnerable to his every whim while he remained completely closed and in control. 

Part of her hated him for that realization, even though, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting him.  She had allowed him that victory today, unable to stop her body from reacting to his.  The things that he was doing to her, showing her, both infuriated her and set her body on fire with passion.  She was powerless to stop him. 

God, he thought to himself, he had never seen a more beautiful temptress than the one that lay before him now.  She seemed to have all the answers to drive him to new heights of arousal.  And she was his, even if she didn’t seem to be willing to admit it.  Seeing her lying beneath him naked and vulnerable and loving every minute of his touch drove that fact home to him even more.  He could take her today and tomorrow.  He could take her any way he wanted to, and she would enjoy it calling out to him for more.  The thought made his erection twitch against her slick folds.  God, he had never wanted a woman more than he wanted the one beneath him.  He wanted to be inside every part of her.  She had consumed his thoughts, his soul.  The thought jarred him more than he wanted to admit.

When she looked up at him questioning his hesitation, he drove into her releasing a groan of pure satisfaction.  It was always this way with her, he thought.  Every time he was inside of her, he never wanted to leave.  She must have felt the same way for she emitted a husky moan at his entrance.  His rhythm was slow at first, teasing her, taunting her.  Then, he increased it faster and faster, until they both thought they would explode. 

She wanted to reach out, she wanted to grab him, but she was helpless.  Helpless to stop him from whatever sensual torture he had devised for her next.  She ached to feel the exquisite pressure of his lips against hers.  He hadn’t kissed her once since this sexual foray had begun.  God, he looked so beautiful moving in and out of her body, his eyes closed tightly in passionate surrender.  His muscles tightened with each thrust. 

She pulsed around him, her body begging for more.  “Nick, please, kiss me,” she begged softly. 

He stopped in mid stroke staring down at her, his breathing labored.  He gently eased his body down further, his mouth hovering over hers.  His eyes searched hers as if he was trying to discover the motive for her request.  What he saw must have pleased him, because he rewarded her by fitting his mouth against hers.  His tongue delved into her mouth searching its warm barriers.  Her tongue met his, dancing playfully around it.  All the time their eyes remained locked together.  His grip on her wrists loosened, and he finally released her.  Her hands came up to caress his face as she kissed him.  His hips began to move again, slowly at first until neither one of them could stand the built up tension any longer. 

Then, his body began to drive into hers with a single-minded goal.  Her hands came down to clutch his buttocks pulling him inside her faster and faster until she thought she would explode.  A minute later, a white-hot rush of release claimed her.  He followed her lead releasing a harsh groan, his head thrown back in ecstasy before collapsing on top of her.  He stayed there for a moment, his breath fluttering along the sensitive skin of her neck. 

Suddenly, he rolled away getting to his feet.  He righted his clothing, cursing under his breath, before casting a scowl at her.  “Damn you, Samantha,” he muttered. 

With that, he left her naked and alone.


Stay Tuned for more of Lake of Lies…


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