Excerpt 12 will change everything!

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Hi Everyone,


I’m sure everyone is gearing up for the holidays.  I still can’t believe that Christmas has already hit the stores.  It is a busy time for me right now as I am preparing for the December release of my book, The Pleasure of Sin.  If you are looking for something to warm you up in the cold months ahead, definitely pick up a copy 🙂


As for Lake of Lies…


Samantha and Nick have given into temptation.


But will their indiscretion destroy everything?

Chapter 12

Derek stood in front of her, waiting for her to speak.  She licked her lips nervously.  How could she tell him this?  “What is it, Samantha?” he prodded. 

Tell him, her mind commanded.  She looked up at him her eyes meeting his.  “You know how Nick said that we knew each other before?” 

His eyes narrowed.  “Yeah?”

She avoided the intensity of his gaze.  “Well, it was more than that.  We used to date,” she explained softly. 

He collapsed beside her on the edge of the bed, his gaze focused on the floor.  His brows furrowed together as if he was trying to make sense of what she said.  She barreled on, knowing that if she stopped now she wouldn’t be able to start again.  “We dated for about a year.  I haven’t seen him since we broke up.  I moved away almost immediately.  Derek, I had no idea that he was your brother.  Believe me.  I would’ve told you if I did.” 

He turned to face her, his knee resting on the edge of the bed.  “Why didn’t you tell me when we first got here?” he accused. 

She couldn’t face the look of betrayal she saw in his eyes.  She had never seen him upset or angry until they came here.  She looked down at her hands.  They were clenched together so tightly her fingers were turning white.  “I tried to, but you seemed so upset to be home that I couldn’t.  I’m sorry, Derek,” she whispered, tears gathering in her eyes. 

“Do you still love him?” 

That was the question she had been avoiding all night and all morning.  She stared down at her lap, hoping that he wouldn’t push her.  “Do you?” 

She got up walking over to stare out the window.  She couldn’t answer him.  “Oh my God, you do,” he breathed.  He put his head in his hands. 

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. 

“But, do you love me?” 

She turned facing him.  “Yes, I do,” she replied, her voice shaking. 

He crossed the room to stand before her, taking her forearms in his hands.  “Then, forget about Nick.  We can make this work.  I know we can,” he pleaded earnestly. 

Tears slid down her cheeks, as she shook her head.  “I can’t,” she whispered sadly. “It wouldn’t be fair to either of us.”

“I don’t care,” he prodded angrily. 

“Derek, I can’t,” she repeated firmly.

His eyes narrowed again.  She took his hands in hers, pulling them away from her arms.  “I’m sorry,” she offered. 

He brushed her hands away, staring at her for a moment, before walking out of the room.  The door slammed behind him.  How had everything gone so wrong in one week?  She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.  Biting her lower lip, she walked across the room, grabbing her suitcase.  After one last glance at the room, she walked out into the hall.  She took the steps slowly, walking into the kitchen.

 Margaret sat at the table sipping coffee, a newspaper spread out in front of her.  Gladys was cleaning the counter behind her.  Surprise registered in Margaret’s eyes when she saw the suitcases Samantha held.  “Samantha, where are you going?” Margaret asked. 

She took a few steps toward the table setting the suitcase down on the floor.  “I’m going home.  I was hoping that I could use a phone to call a taxi,” she asked. 

Margaret motioned for her to sit down.  She took a seat across from the other woman, just wanting to get out before she embarrassed herself by breaking down in front of the entire family.  “What are you talking about?  Isn’t Derek taking you home?” 

She shook her head, unable to think of a suitable explanation for what had happened between them.  “No, I would rather call a cab.” 

Margaret eyed her, as if trying to judge the situation.  “What happened, dear?”  The concern in the other woman’s eyes was too disarming. 

“I’d rather not say.  I want to thank you for having me here.  I had a wonderful time, but I really just have to get back, now.” 

Margaret leaned over patting her hands.  “Well, I’ll have Nick drive you, then.  There’s no sense in you taking a cab,” she suggested. 

Her heart rate quickened.  No, she didn’t even want Nick to know she was leaving until she was gone.  “No!,” she said, a little too sharply.  “Really, I can take a cab.  It’s no problem.” 

Margaret leaned back in her chair, clearly uncomfortable with her solution but unable to find an alternative.  “Well, alright, then.  How about I ask Thomas to give you a ride?  Would that be okay?  That way I won’t be worried.” 

“Okay, thank you,” Samantha said graciously.  She let out the breath she was holding.  The worst was over.  Margaret went to get Thomas while she waited in the kitchen.  Tears pooled in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.  She would not break down, not until she got home.  Home…It was so close, she could almost feel it.  Soon, she would be there, and she wouldn’t have to deal with Nick or Derek anymore.  Her heart ached in rebellion at the thought. 

Suddenly, the kitchen door swung open.  Nick stood silhouetted in the morning light looking down at her.  His gaze flew to the suitcase at her feet.  His brows furrowed together in anger.  He walked over to the sink getting a cup of coffee. 

Gladys, sensing the tension in the room, quickly excused herself.  As soon as she left, he spun on his heel to face her.  “Where are you going?” he bit out. 

She sat up a little straighter in her seat, refusing to be intimidated by him.  “I’m going home.  Your father is going to give me a ride.” 

He snorted a harsh laugh.  “Running away from me again, huh?” 

She turned away.  She warned herself to stay calm, to not let him rile her.  He was the most arrogant man she had ever met.  Arrogant and right, a part of her wanted to say. 

He pulled a chair out beside her with such force it scraped the floor.  “Why is it that every time we’re together you go running away like a scared rabbit?” he asked in exasperation. 

She forced herself to face him.  She would not let him do this to her.  He was trying to make her feel like a coward and even if she was she refused to let him see it.  “The fact that I’m leaving has nothing to do with you,” she lied. 

His brows rose.  “Really?” 

She held his stare, silently daring him to challenge her.  “Really,” she replied, sounding more sure of herself than she really was. 

“Then why is it that the night after we have sex, your bags are packed?” 

She couldn’t help but feel a cruel sense of satisfaction as she let him in on the news.  “Because I told Derek about us this morning,” she explained. 

He flinched from the blow, and she felt a moment of vindication that she had finally unsettled him as much as he unsettled her.  “You told him?” he asked, looking down at the table. 

“I told him,” she repeated evenly.  The look of surprise on his face confirmed his shock. 

He had to admit that he had expected her to tell Derek the truth, but her timing was unexpected.  He hadn’t seen his brother all morning.  At the time, it hadn’t seemed unusual, but now everything made perfect sense.   If he had just found out that Samantha had slept with his brother, he would’ve been beating down Derek’s door.  Or did he know about last night?  “Did you tell him about last night?” he countered.  He knew the answer from the stricken look that crossed her face. 

“No.  I don’t want anyone to know.”

His eyes flared angrily.  “That bad, huh?” he questioned, trying to keep his voice cool when inside he was fuming.  So, she thought her night with him was a dirty little secret she could sweep under the rug?  Well, she was wrong.  If she wanted to play a game of truth, why not go all the way?

She blushed, the memories of their night together coming back to her in a flood of emotion.  “No.  That’s not what I meant,” she whispered. 

No, their night together hadn’t been bad. 

It had been too good.  But it hadn’t meant anything to him.  Her gaze remained focused on his, her breath caught in her throat. 

He was about to say something, when Margaret burst into the room.  She took in her son’s stiff posture at the table, before saying, “Thomas is out front, Samantha.” 

Samantha grabbed her bag, and stood up.  She started to follow Margaret through the kitchen door, but Nick grabbed her arm detaining her.  He looked deeply into her eyes.  The panic he saw there hurt him more than he wanted to admit.  He released her.  “Go, then,” he said in a tone that spoke of his weariness.  He turned away from her not wanting to reveal how deeply her walking away hurt.  She stared at him for a moment longer. 

There were so many things that she wanted to say; but, somehow, she couldn’t find the words.  No words could change what had transpired between them, nor could it change the course of the events that brought them to this point.  She took a deep breath.  She was about to walk away from him for the second time.  Truth be told, it was harder now than it had been a year ago.  She bit her lower lip searching for some amount of strength.  She closed her eyes wishing she had the guts to confront him, wishing she had the backbone to demand he tell her the truth about how he felt about her. 

But she didn’t. 

As she risked one last glance at him, she turned to walk away. 

Stay Tuned for more of The One-Nighter…


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