Exerpt 2 of Shame is finally here…

July 27, 2008 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,


I’ve been a little lax in posting excerpts this last week.  Life has taken over : )


I promise to do better.  Here is excerpt 2 of Shame…


Alex walked down the long hallway, running a hand through her hair. 

Why hadn’t she insisted that she take a cab? 

Why hadn’t she blatantly refused her mother’s request? 

Of course both questions were irrelevant at this point, she was here, and she had no choice but to face the one man who had haunted her dreams and her life, the one man who had haunted her.  Her breathing quickened and her heart began to race as she thought of the man who stood at the other end of the gate.  The one man who had caused her exquisite bittersweet joy and excruciating heartache all at the same time. 

She wasn’t sure if she could handle this.   

People pushed past her glancing back in irritation as they frantically pushed for the gate. 

No, she would not let him get to her this way.  He didn’t deserve to hold this level of power over her.  He didn’t deserve anything from her anymore.  She took a deep breath as she realized that she was the only person left in the tunnel. 

There was no turning back now. 

The time had come to face the man she had tried so desperately to forget. 

For the first time in nine years, she would come face to face with David McAllister.

And then, he was in front of her.  In an instant, she noticed the changes in him.  The leanness of his youth had been replaced by muscles built of steel.  His chest seemed broader, his polo shirt stretching across it.  His khaki slacks revealed the lean shape of his legs through the fabric. 

The years had definitely been kind to him in ways she could only wish for.  But the years were still there in his eyes.  The green eyes she remembered appeared sharper now.  The face she was looking at was no longer that of a boy.  His jet black hair gleamed in the light and was cut a bit shorter than the mental picture she still held of him from years ago. 

Her feet refused to move as she watched him walk toward her.  When he reached her, he stopped.  His gaze traveled over her body for a moment, before he grabbed her bag.  Flinging it over his shoulder, he spun on his heel.  

Alex felt her anger bubble to the surface as she watched him disappear down the hall with her bag.  If she had expected any semblance of a warm welcome, she had been sadly mistaken. David McAllister was just as much of an ass as she remembered.  He hadn’t changed at all. 

When he noticed she was not with him, he turned to stare at her, his eyebrows arched.  Alex stared back at him, a steel determination shining in her eyes.  She was not a child anymore, and she would not tag along after him as if she was. 

“Are you coming?” 

Stay Tuned for more of Shame…


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