The Excerpt of my new blog book is finally here!

July 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm (Uncategorized)

 Hi Everyone,

Below if the first excerpt in my new blog book, Shame.  This is the first book I ever wrote.  It is a little bit off the mainstream, but those who liked V.C. Andrews when they were growing up will love it.  I hope that you all enjoy it.  Let me know what you think…

God, why had she come? 

The question reverberated through Alexandra Pierce’s mind as she sat in the coach section of the airplane listening to the same mundane instructions on how to buckle her seatbelt.  As soon as she strapped herself into the airplane, she had known without a doubt that this was a mistake. 

If only her mother hadn’t sounded so desperate, she could have ignored the call.

When she’d woken up this morning in her nice comfortable bed, John McAllister had been the last person on her mind.  She had been trying desperately to avoid her stepfather for years, and up until now, she had done a pretty good job of it.  Her mother’s words drifted back into her mind reminding her of the moment her day had suddenly taken a drastic change. 

“He’s dead, Alexandra” and then the inevitable “I need you” had been sure to follow. 

Her mother had never been very good at keeping things under control, although the death of a husband was sure to shake even the steadiest of hands.  Still, no matter how hard she tried she could not summon any remorse for the loss of a man like John McAllister. 

If it were up to her, she wouldn’t be on this plane right now on her way back to Evansville.

Just the thought of going home made her chest ache.   

Things had never been the same since she left.  She had never been the same. 

Maybe she never would be again?

Maybe it was impossible to erase that kind of pain. 

Taking a deep breath, she drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair.  Going home would mean he would be there.  She hadn’t seen David in years.  Not since things had gone so terribly wrong.  She reached over to grab the In Flight magazine from its snug pocket in a desperate attempt to still her disturbing thoughts.  As she leaned back in her seat, the gold locket fell between her breasts reminding her of its presence. 

Why had she worn it? 

Quickly, she hid the locket inside her shirt.  She didn’t want to face him, but her mother told her that he would pick her up at the airport. 

One big happy family, she thought sarcastically. 

It had never been close.

Perfect was not a word she would ever use for what they had all become. 

Like so many other things, it had been another one of her mother’s fantasies. 

She looked down at her watch.  They would arrive in Evansville soon.  As the plane began to descend through the clouds, one thought persisted through her mind. 

Some things were meant to be forgotten, and some people along with them.


David McAllister sat in the small uncomfortable seat feigning interest in the magazine he held.  Alex was the last person that he wanted to see right now.  If only Sandra, his step mother, hadn’t looked so fragile he might have been able to carelessly disregard her request to pick Alex up from the airport, but something in her eyes told him that she was close to falling off the edge. 

He hadn’t seen Alex in forever. 


In truth, he hadn’t wanted to ever see her again, not after what she had done.  Finding out that his father had passed away was a blow that he still wasn’t able to deal with. 

Adding Alex to the mix was a lethal combination. 

God, those days seemed so long ago.  Days when he had actually believed that everything would be okay, days when he had actually thought that love conquered all. 

He knew better now. 

Things and people weren’t always what they seemed, and you could never love someone enough to change that. 

In those days, his father had seemed like his worst enemy, always fighting him.  In truth, he had never gotten over the fact that his father had been right about Alex.  That he had seen through her when he had been too blinded by love to notice the truth.  It had damaged his pride as nothing else could have. 

Still, he wasn’t that same boy anymore.  The hard lessons he had learned that summer had changed him forever and made him the man that he was now.  A man who wasn’t likely to fall for the same tricks she had tried to play on him before.  The guise of innocence she had used so effectively would not work anymore.  No, he wouldn’t be played for a fool again. 

He had his scars if he ever needed a reminder of how cold she could be. 

Movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, and he turned to discover that the plane was pulling up to the gate. 

The time had come to see her again face to face. 

The time had come to settle some old scores.



Stay Tuned for more of Shame…


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