A question for You!

February 11, 2008 at 2:20 am (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone,

I just finished another chapter on my new erotic romance novel titled Den of Desire.  It is really heating up.  I have also created some new logos to highlight my website.

I just finished reading Jinger Jackson’s Egyptian Nights from Resplendence Publishing.  If you like the Egyptian culture and history, you will love this book.  Another book that I fell in love with was Michelle Moran’s Nefertiti.  It is amazing.  Michelle Moran paints the ancient Egyptian landscape in a lush portrayal.  This book is fiction with true historical characters laced in. 

 So, now I want to ask all of you a few questions. 

What novel has the steamiest love scene you have ever read? 

Name your sexiest hero.

Which movie has the hottest love scene?

My answers would be:   

For the steamiest love scene, I would have to go with Strip Search by Shelley Bradley.  If you haven’t read this book, I suggest you get it right now.  It is as hot as it gets for regular romantic suspense.

First, I would have to say my husband, because he’s definitely sexy and my hero.  But, if I have to choose from the books, I would say the sexiest hero would have to be Gray Rouillard from After the Night by Linda Howard.  There is just something about those Cajun men that really light up the pages.

Best love scene for a movie would have to be Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barken in The Big Easy. Honestly, folks you can’t go wrong with Remy McSwain. 

I look forward to hearing all of your answers. 

Have a great week,

Shauna Hart




  1. Jinger Jackson said,

    Thank you for the nice comment on my book Egyptian Nights. I had so much fun writing it and I loved researching the gods and goddesses. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Have a great week!

  2. Jinger Jackson said,

    I’ll take a crack at the questions:

    What novel has the steamiest love scene you have ever read? I’ve read several but there is one that really stands out for me–Beyond the Tears by Michelle Cary. She has a great scene in a hot tub–yummy!

    Name your sexiest hero. If it is one I wrote then I’d have to say Neremhotep. He looks like Oded Fehr–can’t miss with that man!

    Which movie has the hottest love scene? Funny, I can’t think of one right off the top of my head. I watch movies, okay I play movies and they just kind of linger as background noise for me. If I think of one I’ll come back!


  3. Katie Reus said,

    For the steamiest novel, I’m going w/ Midnight Angel by Lisa Marie Rice.
    Sexiest hero: Jason Bourne w/out a doubt
    Sexiest love scene in a movie: from The Notebook (after he shows her the ducks and it’s raining)

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